Solar Tracker




Dual-axis solar tracker

Dual axis tracker can increase energy production by 40-60% in high-altitude area, and 30-40% in Southern Europe and West Coast, USA.

By working with us, we will provide competitive price, full phase designing services, form start to end engineering support. You are also welcome to visit our manufacturing base and have a training of how to install the tracker.

Our Dual/Double axis tracker can support from 1.5KW upto 11KW DC size panel, the special design makes our tracker are flexible for all the major solar module installation

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Technology Advantages


Double Axis tracker increases 35%~45% more energy relative to fixed installation.

Single Axis tracker increases 20%~35% more energy relative to fixed installation.

Over 25years lifetime.

Over 30 years history in solar industry.

10 years 90% output warranty.

25 years 80% output warranty.

Our Manufacturer holds 8 world patents in LED lighting design: wider-angle and gentler light emission, higher lifetime.

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Worldwide Network

ACES work with leading renewable energy partners, which collaborative research with many world-leading universities and research institutions. Our partners have facility, sales and service offices around the world.


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