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D Series RESS 5096/135384 BESS

RESS-5096/135384 Residential Series

Split Phase diagram

The D Series RESS  residential 24hours Battery Energy Storage System can offer automatically switch between on/off-grid, Real-time monitoring via mobile APP. Flexible design easy to scale up.

RESS-5096/135384 BESS Features:

  • Flexible design: designed for on-grid/off-grid/solar/hybrid system.
  • High efficiency: Max efficiency is 97.6%, MPPT efficiency 99.0%.
  • All in One SystemSolar inverter PCS + Transfer Switch + AC Shutoff Switch
  • Simplicity: No external cables between modules
  • Real-Time APP monitor 
  • Full certification for Universal PCS Hybrid Inverter: UL1973(Battery), UN38.3, UL1741 (Inverter), IEEE1547, FCC15class B(PCS)


Residential household for emergency backup, Time of Use region shift the grid consumption from peak hour to valley hour. Family with solar on rooftop, storage FREE-Energy.

5096/135384 Residential Hybrid Inverter Battery System.

DD Configuration 5096 135384 diagram

H5001 Hybrid Inverter

DD Series 5096 135384 Inverter

3 inverter parallely connection

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