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S Series PWG2-50/100K-NA Hybrid Inverter for Micro-grid

PWG Series Storage Inverter

PWG2 series Storage Inverter is designed for a hybrid solar array, bi-directional Power Conversion System (PCS), Transformer, Grid-Support function together.

The PWG2 series storage inverter includes PWG2-50K-NA, PWG2-100k-NA two American market version.

Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX


  • Modular design. Each of 50kW~100kW power module brings a high advantage on easy-to-carry, easy-to-ship, and easy-to-maintenance.
  • Built-in transformer. Galvanic isolation offers much high safety.
  • High efficiency. Up to 95.5% for inverter after the transformer. And 520~900Vdc offers high efficiency for Solar PV array. 250-520Vdc for a hybrid system offers more options for the battery banks.
  • High compatibility. MODBUS RTU/TCP protocol offers a trouble-free advantage to be integrated with the principle Energy Management Software/platform. All models are all MESA compatible.
  • Proven technology and stable quality.
  • Active and reactive power management, improved power quality.
  • Prompt switching time of less than 100ms between charging and discharging.
  • UL9540/1741 & IEEE1547, Rule 21, CSA 22.2,  listed by ETL for approved safety and quality grid connection.

Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX_001 Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX_002 Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX_003 Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX_004 Hybrid PWG2-50~100K-NA&EX_005



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