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S Series PCS For Storage System 30KW~150KW

PWS and PWG Series Storage Inverter

PWS and PWG Storage Inverter


PWS1 and PWG2 series Storage Inverter are designed and produced by Sinexcel Electric Co., Ltd.,  a 8-yr old company with $100 Million annual sales revenue and 150 Engineers of 500 employees. Over 15Mw installation of energy storage inverter over China, Southeastern Asia and Europe.

The PWS1 series storage inverter is used for 1AC1DC connection and include PWS1-50K-NA, PWS1-100K-NA and PWS1-150K-NA. The PWG2 series hybrid storage inverter could be used for 1AC2DC connection and include PWG2-50K-NA and PWG2-100K-NA, which could be connected directly with PV panel and battery bank.  Except the above mentioned models that had already UL9540/UL1741/IEEE1547 listed by ETL, the wall-mount PWS1-30K-NA and floor-stand PWS1-250K-NA are also pending for the certification.

PCS for Storage System 30KW~150KW (click to download)


  • Modular design. Each of 50Kw power module brings high advantage on easy-to-carry, easy-to-ship and easy-to-maintenance.
  • Built-in transformer. Galvanic isolation offers much high safety.
  • High efficiency. Up to 96.1% for inverter after the transformer. And 500-800Vdc offers high efficiency for battery energy storage system. 250-520Vdc for hybrid system offers more option for battery bank.
  • High compatibility. MODBUS RTU/TCP protocol offers trouble-free advantage to be integrated with principle Energy Management Software/platform. All models are all MESA compatible.
  • Proven technology and stable quality.
  • Active and reactive power management, improved power quality.
  • Prompt switching time of less than 100ms between charging and discharging.
  • UL9540/1741 & IEEE1547 listed by ETL for approved safety and quality grid connection.


To work with Energy Management System(EMS) & Battery bank to consist one battery energy storage system (BESS).

Could be used for:

1.Grid support;

2.Solar/Wind/Tide energy firming;

3.Spot market;

4.Emergency power backup;


Off-Grid Mode:

PCS for Off-Grid App
PCS for Off-Grid App

Grid-tied Mode:

PCS for Grid-Tied App
PCS for Grid-Tied App




Real Site Monitoring and simulation (click the link below)


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