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Asphalt shingle Roof Racking system AR10-12

AR series designed for shingle roofs solar system. The AR10-12 System is specially designed for a flat shingle roof. Below are the main features:

AR10-12 is a traditional roof mounting system designed for a composition shingle roof. The main components including the Flashing plate, L foot, rail, rail connector, panel clamps, and the grounding lug. Main material Aluminum and Galvalume ensured a good performance at corrosion.
 The materials are Aluminum and Galvalume
 Suit for all module types
 Passed the ETL certificate
 Signed by the US registered professional

Datasheet of flat tile roof racking TR08-2(Click for datasheet)

Asphalt shingle roof racking AR10-12 Asphalt shingle roof racking AR10-12[/caption]