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Racking Systems

ACES-TR and AR series US patent mounting hardware has the following benefit:

TR Series Benefit:

  1. High corrosion resistance: Flashing plate is made of aluminum and SS304.
  2. Flexibility: Suit for all module types.
  3. US local structure Engineer approved: the USA locally licensed structure engineer approved letter available upon request by a specific state.
  4. Certification: Pass ETL test.

Flat Tile Roof Racking TR08-1 

W Tile Roof Racking TR08-2

S Tile Roof Racking TR08-3

AR Series Benefit (Click to the detail page):

  1. Rail-less rack: The rail-less solution not only reduces the costs a lot but also make the installation work very easy.
  2. High corrosion resistance: Flashing plate is made of aluminum 6063-T6, module holder is made by SS304.
  3. No clamps: The holder buckles the module
  4. Quick installation: 3 steps to finish the installation. Saves 50% of traditional installation time.
  5. High quality: Pass tensile test and uplift test.

Compare the installation between Railless and regular Mounting hardware


ACES-RA10-2 Series Rail-less mounting hardware

Data Sheet of AR10-2_001

ACES-RA-10 Series Rail-less mounting hardware