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P Series iCAN Stack Up 48Volt 100A Lithium Battery

iCAN Stack Up 48Volt 100A Lithium Battery (LFP)

48V 100A LFP

The P Series iCAN Stack up Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries offer your 48Volt 100Amp Max charge capability and up to 15 years life span at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD).

iCAN Stack up 4810X series LFP battery Features:

  • Quick Installation:
    • Firm Stack up structure: ensure safety and saving in space.
    • Modular design + quick coupler: easy for future capacity expansion
  • Intelligent monitor
    • Ships with EMS module to realize real-time APP monitor of the battery: include charge/discharge current, SoC, Voltage, Cycles, etc.
  • Automatic Voltage Wakeup: No Human intervention required. 
  • Low Cost for Efficiency:  Saving at least 20% than lead-acid batteries in $/kWh performance, save more space and replacement man power.
  • Built-In BMS: All-round protection for safety, reliability and endurance 
  • Better Performance:  at least 5000 cycles (about 15 years) at 80% DoD.


Replace existing lead-acid off-grid solar+ battery system;  New build off-grid/on-grid Zero Energy homes; Doctor clinic office emergency battery back-up; Municipal building, Police emergency building, Cell tower, etc. 

Datasheet (click to download):

48Volt 108AH LFP battery
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