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P Series iCAN NetZero Plus Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

iCAN® NetZero Plus Series

iCAN NetZero Plus

The iCAN NetZero Plus system based on Lightweight modular + quick coupler design. A system can be deployed within 30 minutes.

iCAN NetZero Plus Features:

  • Authentic off-grid utility grade power: seamless auto switch between on-grid and off-grid working status; Auto switch among PCS, grid and Generator.
  • High capacity and capability: 12.5kVA power to charge your EV and house critical load at the same time during outrages longer than 48 hours.
  • Lightweight Modular design:
  • Light Weight
    • Universal PCS Hybrid Inverter= Solar Charger + PCS + Transfer Switch + AC Shutoff Switch.
    • Expandable battery cabinet with BMS: Battery Management System integrated, battery capacity expandable as needed.
  • Capacity Expansion
  • Simplicity: No external cables between modules
  • All included: Ships complete with MPPT charger, split phase 120/240 input and output
  • Care-free Maintenance:
    • seamless capacity expansion provide communication-free paralleling of multiple devices
    • Passive heat dissipation for protection of key components
    • Easily-replaceable waterproof cooling fans
  • Real-Time APP monitor and tailored energy management based on local load and weather condition rather than indiscriminate ToU strategies only
  • Over The Air (OAT) system updated and lifelong online service.
  • App and ESS management system
  • Full certification for Universal PCS Hybrid Inverter: UL, UL741, UL741SA, UL998, CSA C22.2
  • Full certification for Rechargeable Lithium Battery System: UL9540, UL1973, UL 1642, UL1998, CSA C22.2.


Residential, clinic office, municipal critical load, company IT department, etc.


Datasheet (click to download):

NetZero Plus 12.5kW/20kWh BESS 202102

NetZero Plus 12.5kW/20kWh BESS

NetZero Plus 12.5kW/20kWh BESS

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