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Delta V2H/V2G Bidirectional Charger

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Delta V2H/V2G Bi-directional EV Charger

Delta’s V2X Charger (Vehicle-to-Home & Vehicle-to-Grid) is a bi-directional charging system that converts energy between EV battery and AC supply, along with power backup and energy management features. It supports both smart charging function to the EV and energy storage function such as peak shaving, load shifting, PV self-consumption, and power backup via upper-level EMS.

Delta’s V2X Charger can be coupled with an existing PV system via AC-link or DC-link architecture for different user scenarios and make the most out of the PV system with high-efficiency power conversion from PV to load and PV to EV battery. With Delta’s V2X Charger, you can fully enjoy the green life with renewable energy, electric vehicle, and all the advanced features of energy storage systems to save your electricity bill and make goods contributed to the environment.


  • Smart EV charging management
  • Virtual power plant (VPP)
  • Emergency power backup

The value that we delivered by following key features

  • UPgradability with 10KW PV adapter for PV connection and 97% efficiency from PV to EV
  • DC charging with constant current, voltage and power output characteristics
  • Real-time and remote monitoring and upgrade through network communication
  • Low acoustic noise design and built-in safety feature with international standard
  • small footprint, compact and modularized design for easy installation and maintenance.

Delta V2H/V2G Bi-directional EV Charger download datasheet LF_V2X_10kW_V0.1_US 

Delta V2H/V2G bi-directional EV charger

Delta V2H/V2G bi-directional EV charger