Autel Bi-Directional EV Charger

Autel EV Charging solutions can provide you with all phase EV charging demands. From home use AC EV Charger to commercial DC/AC EV Charger; from Bi-Direction V2X/V2G 7kW/12kW home EV charger to DC 60~240kW City charge solution. There is always one kind of EV charger that fits your demand.

High Efficiency

Achieved peak efficiency of 97% to reduce power consumption and save on electric bills

High Reliability and Durability

Evaluated and tested to the highest standards. IK10 High impact resistance.  NEMA 4X weather protection exterior rated for all-weather use capable of charging at full power from temperatures between –13℉ to 122℉ (-25℃~+50℃),  

Quiet Operation

Ultra-low noise level <50db, allows you to sleep like a baby while running at night

Adaptive Load Management

Connecting smart meters through RS485 to achieve load balancing throughout your home, optimizing power usage, and managing power during peak demand times

v2x, v2g, v2h, bi-directional charger

Bi-directional Power Conversion

Designed for more than a fast charger

12kW bidirectional power support fast charging and provides supplemental power when needed

ENERGY STAR® certified means you use less energy and ultimately save money

Intelligent Switching Technology 

Reliable backup power under multiple situations

During a blackout, auto switch-on automatically disengages your home from the grid and uses your EV to power your home

The app or the cloud can be configured to divert energy from your vehicle to power your home during peak times when energy costs are the highest, saving you money 

V2X comes with future-ready technology compatible with Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

Smart Micro-Grid of Tomorrow Today

Built for energy saving and a green future

When integrated with solar and energy storage your EVs become a micro-grid. Our V2X charger enables intelligent power management distribution to cover energy demand changes and charges

By redistributing energy back to the grid, you may be able to participate in Green energy trading helping to save electricity and reduce your electric bill