FranklinWH aPower+aGate

FranklinWH— Franklin Whole Home Energy Solution includes one aPower (LFP) battery and one aGate (Energy Management device), all information accessible on your palm device through FranklinWH App.

Franklin Home Power Solution Battery Storage System provides 13.6kWh energy (LFP technology) and can stack up to 15 units to offer more than 200kWh backup power.

Reliable: Exceeds performance standards backed by a 12-year warranty

Scalable: highest system density allows up to 15 units for 204kWh

Hassle-free: Remote monitoring and user-friendly app limit O&M

Flexible: Technology-agnostic system can be used with any solar inverter

Simplified: Pre-assembled for fast, easy one-step installation


For information about more detail of Franklin BESS, please call or email us at +1-888-900-1581


ACES offers a high-quality battery for both Battery Energy Storage System and battery for Solar Powered LED Lighting system. The product we offered includes LiFePO4, Lead-Acid, Lead Carbon batteries. Here we listed some of the traditional lead-acid battery. We have more LiFePO4 and Lead carbon battery information available upon request. We can also do system design for your microgrid or off-grid solar system as long as you give us enough input, our engineer will help you make the configurations.

Lead-Acid Battery  12V 100AH/200AH/250AH


LiFePO4 Battery 5.7KWh/11.5KWh/17.1KWh