ACES-AR10-2 Railless Asphalt Shingle Roof Mounting System

AR10-2 is designed for asphalt shingle roofs. No clamp and no rail design lower the cost and dramatically improve the installation efficiency. It is universal because it fits all types of aluminum framed modules. A separate clamp allows replacing any module without moving other modules. Below are the main features:

  1. Fewer components=Quick to install
  2. No clamp or rail design improves installation efficiency and lowers the cost.
  3. It fits all types of aluminum framed modules.
  4. Easy-adjust height for an older roof
  5. 80% pre-assembly parts.
  6. The standard package is easy to deliver and distribute.

Data Sheet of AR10-2 (Click for datasheet)

Data Sheet of AR10-2_001

Data Sheet of AR10-2_002

Data Sheet of AR10-2_004